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About Us

On December 29, 1936, a group of rural people met to organize Wheatland Rural Electric Association. They were determined to obtain for themselves and their neighbors the same standard of living enjoyed by the folks in town. On April 8, 1937 a contract for power was signed with the town of Wheatland, Wyoming. They built the necessary lines and on Christmas Eve 1937, seventy-five families experienced the miracle of electricity.

The original Board of Directors was elected at a special meeting on June 7, 1937. O. S. Preuit was the first president. R. B. Logan was Vice President. Secretary-Treasurer was G. W. Goodrich. Carl C. Boyd and Burton Hinds were elected as directors.

1937 ended with 60 miles of primary line and 75 customers/members. Today Wheatland REA has 1882 miles of line, 1828 members, and 3712 services.

Our first customers used an average of 25½ kWh at a cost of $.08 per kWh. In 1939 that cost per kWh increased to $.0921 per kWh. Our current rate is $.12 per kWh for a residential service.

Electric cooperatives are democratic, tax-paying, not-for-profit businesses governed by member-elected boards of directors. As member-owned utilities, the distribution systems are self-regulating. In addition to providing electricity and other products and services to their member-owners, electric co-ops adhere to a proud tradition of community service. Co-op members and employees participate in economic development efforts and are involved in charitable undertakings and numerous other volunteer activities that contribute to quality of life in the communities they serve.


Wheatland REA Mission Statement

Wheatland REA will give excellent service, provided by a well-trained professional and knowledgeable staff to all of our rate classes. We realize the necessity of attracting and retaining large power consumers to help contain the cost of power for all of our consumers. To this end Wheatland REA actively pursues new innovative ideas and practices to help large users streamline their operations and power usage, at the same time working to identify programs to help all rate classes. We will maintain our excellent record of service and reliability to all rate classes.


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