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Wheatland REA and Tri-State G&T offer's rebates on certain electric products.  Rebate applications must be submitted within 120 days of purchase.  You must have your sales receipt.  Call us at 307-322-2125 to set up an appointment so an REA representative can visit you and get some additional information from the data plate on your appliance, or other qualifying piece of equipment.

Equipment & Appliances that qualify for rebate consideration:

  • Electric Thermal Storage Heating (ETS) and Thermal Slab Units
    • $28/kW for Residential ETS units controlled by timers or a master control system.
    • $18/kW if over 46/kW for Commercial ETS installations and larger.
    • $12/kW for thermal slab units controlled be timer or a master control system.
  • Electric Heat Pumps-Air Source 
    •  $300/ton for units rated from 15 to 17 SEER.
    •  $450/ton for units greater than 17 SEER.   
    • $100/unit additional incentive for central air source with intergrated controlled ETS backup in lieu of a separate ETS incentive.
  • Electric Heat Pump-Ground Source
    • $500 per ton for new ground source systems using either ground source closed loop or ground water source.
    • $250 per ton for replacement ground source system using existing ground source closed loop or ground water source.
  • Energy Star Rated Split System Air-Conditioners
    • $100/unit split system Energy Star rated air conditioner from 15 to 16 SEER.
    • $150/unit split system Energy Star rated air conditioner over 16 SEER.
    • Window units do not qualify
  • Water Heaters (30-55 gallons water heaters)
    • $30/unit.
    • $20/unit additional rebate with lifetime tank warranty, 30 to 55 gallon only.
    • $1.00 per gallon for Marathon water heaters sold by Wheatland REA.
  • Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heaters (air to water and may have a back-up resistance element)
    • Residential units must be Energy Star.
    • $350/unit - 30 gallons minimum.
  • Ground source heat pump powered (a.k.a desuperheater)
    • $100/unit.
    • $25/unit additional incentive for lifetime tank warranty on desuperheater units.
  • Energy Star Appliances and Recycling
    •  Full-size (7.5 cubic feet or greater) Energy Star Certified Refrigerators and Freezers.
      • $30/unit.
    • Refrigerator and /or Freezer Recycling
      • $60 for recycling a refrigerator or freezer.
      • Limit of 2 refrigerator or freezer recycling per member-owner per year.
    • Energy Star Certified clothes Washers
      • $40 per unit for front load washer.
      • $30 per unit for top load washer.
    • Energy Star clothes Dryer
      • $30 per unit for clothes dryer.
      • $90 per unit for hybird clothes dryer (vent-less).
    • Energy Star Certified Dishwashers
      • $20 per unit.
  • Irrigation Motors
    • Only for irrigation motors
      • $10/hp for motors 10 through 500 hp.
    • Wiring assistance for electric irrigation motors that replace a fossil-fuel engine or are a new installation
      • $1.50/hp.
    • Minimum Efficiency Standards for 10 to 500 hp Motors Used in Irrigation

      1800 RPM % Nominal

                                 HP                               Efficiency

                                  10                                   88.5%

                                  15                                   91.0%

                                  20                                   91.0%

                                  25                                   91.7%

                                  30                                   92.4%

                                  40                                   93.0%

                                  50                                   93.0%

                                  60                                   93.6%

                                  75                                   94.1%

                                100                                  94.1%

                                125                                  94.5%

                                150                                  95.0%

                                200                                  95.0%

                                250                                  95.4%

                                300                                  95.4%

                                350                                  96.2%

                                400                                  96.2%

                                450                                  96.0%

                                500                                  95.0%

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