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Safety Tips

Safety Tips You Can Use!

  • Use safety covers in all unused wall outlets.
  • Teach your children not to climb trees near power-lines.
  • Teach them never to fly their kites near power-lines.
  • Call before you dig!!!
  • Making repairs to your house? Watch where you place that ladder.
  • Use only class C rated fire extinguishers to put out electrical fires. Never use water!
  • Check your home for Radon.
  • If you heat with open flame furnaces or stoves, add a good quality carbon monoxide detector to your home.


Never Touch A Downed Or Buried Line ... It Could Be Dangerous!
If your power goes off, check fuses or circuit breakers in your home. If there is no trouble with your fuse box or breaker, check to see if your neighbor is also without power. Please report any outages to Wheatland REA.


Safety training is a must in the electrical industry.
Since the beginning, office personnel and operations personnel alike receive a certain amount of training annually.

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