Budget Billing

Would you like to know how much your electric bill will be per month, all year?  Are you on a tight budget and high usage months put you in a financial squeeze?  Budget billing may be the answer!

Budget Billing Basics

The monthly budget amount is based on a minimum of one-eleventh of your most recent twelve months' bills, adjusted to reflect any rate increase which may become effective during the twelve month period.

By choosing this levelized billing, your bill amount will remain the same for the next 11 months (May – April). The monthly bill amount is calculated by averaging the usage of the previous year and multiplying by 1.10 (110%). April is the “settlement” month. If you have used more energy than predicted, you will owe the overage. Conversely, if you have used less energy than predicted, you will see a credit balance and no payment will be required.

In order to be eligible for budget billing, you will need:

  • 12 months of billing history at the location
  • To be current ($0 balance owing) on your account by the April due date

You may elect to terminate the plan at any time by notifying us in writing and paying the balance of the account. Contact us with questions.